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The dragons then begin bickering when Kalecgos goes to speak with Alexstrasza saying it would have been disrespectful if they didn't meet at the current cycle of the Twin Moons to which Nozdormu asks who it'd be disrespectful too. Elune which the night elves worship? To the titans or their servants when they don't know if the Titans even exist anymore? It surely is not disrespecful to the dragons and he says it is best to put the Accord to a rest and move their own separate ways and deal with their own problems. Kalec mentions how the point of accord was to be united but then Ysera brings up Neltharion and Malygos to show how well being united worked while even making a glance to Nozdormu who says it's best to not leave him out but that accursed dragon was his far future self but he is to blame for his evils just as Neltharion was to blame for what he did as Deathwing to which Alexstrasza mentions that the future has been altered forever after he fought his future self and that he should not mull over it. But now they are no more powerful than any other dragon and the time of the Aspects has passed and so has the Wyrmrest Accord. Kalec tries to mention how they are still the leaders of their flights but Ysera and Nozdormu still leave saying that their time is done and that Azeroth must look to other defenders.

Kalec then says if they want to end the Accord than they shall do so with the proper respect and meet again in 1 month. After they all leave Kalec is left thinking to himself about what had happened there and thought it may have been better if he stayed in Dalaran as Khadgar suggested and join the Kirin Tor. But in the end he had made excuses to Jaina saying he needed to oversee the crumbling of the Nexus' defensive spells. His own dragonflight has all but fallen apart and that he has also failed as the leader of the Blue Dragonflight with the Nexus now becoming a place of emptiness. He still felt ashamed at his failure to prevent Theramore by finding the Focusing Iris and what it caused to Jaina. But even with all this misery he was not ready to die yet in the frozen wastes of Northrend and flew from Wyrmrest. Being a Blue Dragon he still was more attuned to arcane magic and sensed something nearby and found the remains of Galakrond and flew towards them.

That's the end of chapter 1.

I'll continue when I get home in a few hours.
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