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Depends on whether or not you really want to play your monk a lot. If you're planning on playing a barb anyway, save it for him/her and reroll the damage, as you have quite a lot of room there still (1490 max afaik).

You already have a socket on it, so you have the luxury of deciding to either maximize the damage for a barb, or reroll to dex.

I'd add though that the weapon is pretty much BiS for several monk specs, and barbs prefer % elemental damage weapons such as Devastator/Burning Axe of Sankiss for Fire (very strong build).

Either way it's a strong weapon - a great optimizable high dps 1h for any barb spec with a strong proc, or a decent monk weapon that could have higher dps roll.

I'll hang around this thread a lot, I consider myself something of a Diablo nut and theorycrafter, so I'll be able to help most folks out ;P
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