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Originally Posted by Deicide View Post
I always thought WoW's first "cycle" ended with Cataclysm. As I see it:

1- Exploration and wonder (Vanilla)
2- Visiting another world (TBC)
3- Vanquishing a major enemy force of the past (WotLK)
4- Breaking and revamping the world. (Cata)

Then, IMO, the cycle began anew:

1- MoP was exploration and wonder. I even remember some developer interviews talking about trying to get the feeling of exploration from vanilla.
2- WoD, we visited another world. It's even the same, but not quite the same, otherworld.
3- Legion, we vanquished a major enemy force of the past.
4- BfA is now, again, breaking and revamping the world.

So, I'd guess the circle begins anew next expansion.

Or I am just looking too much into it and trying to find patterns that do not exist.
It could go like this:

- Exploration and wonder: visiting the backside of Azeroth and/or perhaps the Dragon Isles, establishing new threats as well;
- Visiting another world: K'aresh is a good candidate, where we might learn a lot about the Void, or perhaps some demonic world to witness the fallout of the fracturing of the Burning Legion - most likely Nathreza, Rancora, Xoroth, or Nihilam;
- Major enemy from the past - the Shadowlands at last?
- Breaking and revamping the world - my Ice Age concept.
Daelin was right.
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