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Didn't Staats state that night elves were never planned to be a Horde race? (And for good reason!)

Had we gotten concept art night elves, I do agree that the Horde might have been the better faction for them. (If neutrality is not an option.)

But we did not get free Gaul, we got romanised Gaul. The former would have been at home among the Germanic tribes, the latter would not. Especially not after the Horde killed one of the most important figures in the night elf pantheon.

A point that often gets brought up are synergies between druidism and shamanism. And on paper I would agree that they are a good reason for placing the night elves on the Horde. In practice, however, shamans in Warcraft (especially orc and goblin shamans) only seem to care about nature beyond the elements once the its almost too late; once the elementals themselves are hammering the point that the complete disregard for nature also disrupts the balance and agitates the elements home.
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