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Originally Posted by Nazja View Post
Didn't Staats state that night elves were never planned to be a Horde race? (And for good reason!)
This map comes from 1999, Staats became part of the team only in 2000. Plus as he clarified to me, he was talking about the time when they decided to make the game bi-hard-factional.

He also does not remember the high elves as a playable race, but this map makes them so. They were probably scrapped very early, before he joined the team, just like the demons, the naga, and eventually the goblins later on.

The gnomes and the trolls were very late additions as well, hence no starting zones for them.

As for the Cenarius argument, once again, timeline matter. This maps and early concepts predate Warcraft III by several years, and Cenarius' death in particular was quite a late addition to the story.

Originally Posted by Jon Targaryen View Post
Incidentally, I do believe that Goblins were going to be the fourth Alliance race until fairly late in development of Classic. But I can't find the citation so I may be misremembering. Both Gnomes are Trolls were almost (but not quite) last minute additions. That's why they didn't have their own starting experiences until Cata and had to share with Dwarves and Orcs respectively.
If I recall correctly, that was only a rumor, and it is directly contradicted by the contents of the diary.

Originally Posted by Genesis View Post
I agree that Night Elves for Horde would have been potentially better fits and more interesting. I suspect it was also for the asymmetric symmetry of distributing Alliance and Horde races between the two continents (3-1 and 1-3). But there are a lot of other changes or obvious things that would have made more sense for classic WoW playable races (e.g., Horde goblins) than what we got (e.g., Undead for Horde).
The faction system has been really detrimental to the state of the story/world, that is even clearer now.

I was specifically told that even The Frozen Throne had its story altered heavily to accommodate for the faction system in World of Warcraft and the placement of the races within in. Most notably, the subtle changes to the night elves from Reign of Chaos, the Forsaken storyline (Metzen came up with the Forsaken only after they decided to place playable undead on the Horde, formerly, they were to be the Scourge as you can see on the map), the blood elf storyline (The way I understood it, the blood/high elves were written out of the Alliance after they decided to make the night elves an Alliance race, as they did not want two elf races present at that time. Metzen was not particularly happy of either, and he was very strongly against the blood elves on the Horde in The Burning Crusade).

Originally Posted by AndreiOptyck View Post
I wonder if it is possible for you to post more stuff like this, it's really exciting. And I am so hyped to watch for more. Hopefully won't be asking for too much.
Here is something I shared on the discord previously. A bunch of parts detailing Metzen’s role in Warcraft and generally the team’s stances on lore.
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