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I think the problem with the Forsaken is more about where their story went than how it started. Their direction required the Horde to be blissfully ignorant of the forsaken's obvious evil.

The core concept of freed undead regaining their memories and self-control and having to deal with it is actually very interesting. But the lack of inner factions and inner moral conflict kinda ruined it. The Desolate Council was the first interesting forsaken faction in years.
The diary actually beautifully illustrates what the true issue is; simply put, most of the team found the Scourge far cooler than the concept of the Forsaken, and even after Metzen came up with the backstory to explain undead on the Horde, they still longed for the Scourge and its themes, creating a schizophrenic environment.

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Another big mistake IMO. To me, the Warcraft RPG setup with night elves and exiled high elves in the same faction, but the former hating the later, and the later in a weakened state having to deal with exile and addiction was very cool (and what sold the race to me).
I agree this might have been a mistake, it'd probably be better for the night elves to be Horde affiliated/neutral savage tribal elves while the high elves would be dark magic using civilized elves affiliated with the Alliance, but I don't think the Warcraft RPG setup really reflected this, if anything, it was already a result of this original mistake to drive the elves of Quel'thalas off the Alliance (and worse yet, in a schizophrenic manner).

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I remember hearing about early Age of Kings development, which was going to have separate in-game abilities for the standard civilizations and the barbarians (e.g. Mongols, Goths, Vikings). The regular civs would have kings in castles, and the barbarian civs would be able to kidnap them for ransom or something. The game didn't quite go that direction.

But anyway, civilizations yay!
There was still the regicide mode. And incidentally, I loved that one.
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