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Originally Posted by Saranus View Post
but... he didn't? He moved over to discord and was active there for several months before IRL concerns took him elsewhere. He never mentioned leaving because drama/politics. If he did, I missed it and I'm sorry, so if you could link where he said so, that'd be great. Otherwise, don't put words in people's mouths, or make leading speculations.

Once again, for clarity and for the record, do you have a link or quote to share? I think it's too easy to conflate people leaving because drama/poltics because the site went to shit (lag-wise) at about the same time. There's ambiguity, so a direct quote would put the speculation to rest.
I wont post it, its a PM and has personal info in it.

But Its 100% clear. He couldnt stand the way cantus was acting. As in, said it straight up
Fucking Epic :X
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