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Rise of Shadows:

The "first-ever year long storyline." Instead of three separate expansions, each one will continue the story of The League of E.V.I.L. In Rise of Shadows, the League lays siege to Dalaran.

-New keyword: Twinspell. Using a card with Twinspell adds a copy of the card to your hand. You can use it the same turn (if you have the mana) or save it for later.

-Lackeys: special 1/1 minions that are completely expendable but have very powerful battlecry effects to make up for it.

-Callback cards: New cards that have the same effects as ones from previous, retired to Wild expansions.

-Schemes: unique spells that grow in power with each turn.

-Five-Part Solo Adventure: they had to make a whole chart of what it includes. Chapter 1 is free, following chapters cost $19.99 each.
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