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Originally Posted by Kynrind View Post
That's a large part of the problem with the forsaken and Sylvanas. They keep desecrating the dead. THAT is what should be sticking in the craw of a lot of people. The forsaken are literally pulling people back from their deserved afterlife, cursing them with undead and ensuring that the new undead will almost never ever experience -anything- positive again.

It's like shooting someone up with a powerful drug that removes all inhibitions. The person fought to avoid it, but they were captured and shot up with the drug, then asked if they wanted it. Asking someone if they want something as horrifying as that AFTER you give it to them is wrong. The fact they were fighting to stop those who were injecting should be enough proof that they do not want it. Just like those who are killed fighting the forsaken. It's damned clear they do NOT want it. Yet too many forsaken fanboys see nothing wrong with the forsaken raising the dead of those they just killed (which is annoying as hell. 'the forsaken raising the dead, nothing wrong with that. Not evil...). Blizzard has screwed up the presentation of the forsaken very badly. There's too many inconsistencies after the starting area for how the dead are raised.

How would you like it if you were pulled back from a good afterlife to be stuffed back into your body, which is either damaged from battle and/or literally rotting to pieces. Then to find out you can't feel anything good or positive and the negative emotions are much easier to embrace. Does that sound like you could make a rational and reasoned decision? Would you not be mad as hell as the people who raised you?

Realistically though, the forsaken should be wiped out by both the Alliance, Horde, Argents and Cenarion Circle. The forsaken as they are and have been and by the actions they have willingly committed, are nothing but a 25 ton anchor around the Horde's neck.
Two things.

One, that the undead are unable to feel positive emotions is Fojar fanon.

Two, how can you know how ancient dead feel about raising? Maybe they are suffering in hell and would jump out the grave for a chance of "living" again.
Ultimately what is important is that no one is killed, weather or not a spell is devised to ask permission of those ancient dead about to be raised is just another layer of complexity to the story.

Though I'll also add that the immense moralizing you do is both stupid and unnecessary. I do not give a flying fuck about the fate of fictional humans, being all outraged over it is ridiculous. Raising ancient dead may be questionable from an in-game moral standpoint, but Azeroth is a world with many horrible dangers and convoluted politics. Long story short, it isn't a perfect world and you can't right every wrong.
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