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Originally Posted by Sarahmoo View Post
I think Sylvanas is a war-criminal and one of the biggest threats to Azeroth. Disloyal, dictatorial, morally-bankrupt, indiscriminate use of weapons of mass destruction that even Garrosh Hellscream forbade, death camps, the cultivation and alliances with dangerous figures like Warden Stillwater and Varimathras, the destruction of independent neighboring nations and the forced-resurrection and indoctrination of dissenters. She's one of the worst characters in Azeroth right now and the just and honorable thing to do is for her regime to meet the world's reckoning. The Knights of the Ebon Blade, Argent Crusade, Alliance and I would argue even the Horde have a moral responsibility to deal with her and her followers.
There's no such thing as a war-crime on Azeroth.

Disloyal, yes. Dictatorial, sure, not that being a dictator is automatically a bad thing - most leaders in Warcraft are/have been dictators with notable exceptions of gnomish leaders and the goblin trade princes (though they are dictators of their cartels). Morally-bankrupt is common to undead in general, Forsaken and death knights.

She DOES discriminate with use of the Blight. She didn't use it until the last minute in Gilneas and used a gimped version in Silverpine. The only instance where she has actually used the full strain is Southshore, since she didn't cause the Wrathgate.

Both Varimathras and Stillwater were executed (though the former is a dreadlord, so I doubt it'll stick) because they were criminals by Forsaken standards. One launched a coup d'etat that killed hundreds of Forsaken citizens and took control of the Undercity, the other performed illegal experiments upon captured humans and even his fellow Forsaken.

Southshore was not an "independent neighbouring nation", it was an Alliance town from Vanilla to its destruction and the site of many battles between Alliance and Horde armies.

While she does force resurrection, she has, with one exception, never indoctrinated anyone. The undead choose to join and are free to leave or kill themselves. Some choose to fight Sylvanas, like Redpath, which leads to retaliation.

Given that it took the destruction of Gilneas and Theramore, corruption of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, theft of an Old God's heart, and multiple, smaller crimes for Azeroth's reckoning to come to Garrosh's doorstep, no, they will not be doing the same to Sylvanas unless they absolutely have to (like she gains some kind of Mega-Blight and threatens to Blight the Eastern Kingdoms if she doesn't get 300 sandwiches by Friday).

The Argent Crusade will not intervene so long as she is not actively destroying their territory. Factional conflict has never interested them. The Ebon Blade is arguably no better than the Forsaken, they just aren't large enough to show it and they aren't a nation.

The Alliance would gain very little in the long run by wiping the Forsaken off the face of the planet, I've gone into detail on that earlier. And the Horde has no responsibility to do anything beyond keeping her in check with the Blight. Sylvanas also keeps herself in check, contrary to popular belief, since she has no desire to die again anytime soon.

Originally Posted by Lord Grimtale View Post
I wouldn't consider Southshore the only moment where they're abhorrently monstrous.

What they did in Gilneas was pretty shitty if you ask me, far worse than what Gilneas did to Lordaeron in fact. (Which was simply just not helping them.)

I don't care whether they wanted to invade it or not, they still took it up and did it.
No arguments here. I'm simply pointing out that Southshore was the only truly unnecessary one, especially since it offered no benefit to them.

Originally Posted by Kir the Wizard View Post

And here I thought we lacked opinionated Hordelings nowadays.

You seem like a dangerous man (woman?), Valtheria.
Aw, shucks. <3
Have fun.
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