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Originally Posted by Valtheria View Post
That's a mess, yeah. I find it unlikely, however, that she would have the val'kyr before the worgen starting zone and never once use them - greater or lesser - to assault the Gilneans. In fact, if she had them, she wouldn't have needed the worgen because she could rain lesser val'kyr down upon Gilneas City from above, killing and raising every citizen she could find.

Aside from their complete absence, it'd be odd for her to show up with val'kyr, tell Garrosh to bugger off, start the invasion, force the Gilneans to evacuate, get pushed back, and then show off the val'kyr. It seems more likely that they start the invasion, force the Gilneans to evacuate, get pushed back, show up with val'kyr, tell Garry to suck it, then call him in to show them off.

I also find that it makes some level of sense for her to leave mid-invasion, since Garrosh apparently commanded it while she was gone - the only point at which that seems likely is during the time between Gilneas and Silverpine's questlines.

The three stories don't mesh well, though, that's true.
I think a part of the issue with the way Edge of Night is laid out is that some of it is nothing more than a vision of what's to come. While they do have the Wall opened up, it doesn't seem as if they have managed to make it past there yet, which means that the attack on Duskhaven could not have occurred yet; otherwise they would have already been inside and taking things over, and Sylvanas wouldn't be sending ships around to try and draw attention away from their attacks on the wall. Even with the crashing of the zeppelin during the Worgen leveling process, the Forsaken still would have had enough of a foot hold to not be dislodged.

Further, since we know that Wolfheart has to happen at some point between Worgen 1-12 (where the Worgen go to Darnassus and seek membership with the Alliance) and Forsaken 10-20, Garrosh couldn't have been in Silverpine throwing the Forsaken at the Gilnean Wall and in Ashenvale at the same time; and even if he could, wasn't he surprised to see the Val'kyr with Sylvanas when she gave a demonstration of what they could do? I said, at this point the entire Gilneas Invasion is such a mess that trying to make it all make sense requires a bottle of elixir and selective ignoring of certain aspects, be they in the game or otherwise.
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