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Originally Posted by Drusus View Post
"So, the Alliance is in this really good place right now, yeah? Like, they're more united than ever under their high king, and they realised how pointless fighting the Horde is, right? So with that you guys kinda have the higher ground, like lawful good. We thought about giving the Alliance this darker race, this sorta... Batman, Punisher kinda vibe, but it just didn't fit with what we were going for. We want the Alliance to be the white knights, the super good guys, fighting for peace and justice. That's what they're all about, the kinda guys you can bring home to your parents. The worgen being too savage, too dark, didn't gel well with that you know?"

- Chris Metzen, BlizzCon 2015. Probably.
That's exactly the kind of answer I would expect them to use if a question like that was legitimately asked. I literally read that with Metzen's voice too.

But hey, might as well have someone ask them that anyway. I really want to be surprised.
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