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Originally Posted by Anansi View Post
Thaumopunk. Nice word you have there. Google only has three links, and you're two of them, lol.

Thaumapunk has a few more, but pretty scarce as well. Seems its used together with manapunk and magipunk, which seem to be used much more often.

I'm still not sure about it, though. I would say it's a hybrid of high fantasy and steampunk genres, though even that still isn't it.

I don't know, I have this image in my head... 80-90's movies have that vibe, a lot. Maybe it's because the technology back then sucked, so they made everything so clunky and surreal. Lot of weird clockwork stuff.

I'm thinking of movies like Labyrinth, Alice in Wonderland, Dark Crystal, Wizard of Oz, etc. You know, they always had these... weird landscapes. That looked huge, and made no sense. Giant cities, with towering spires, and multiple colors. Almost dreamscapes. They have a deep vintage palette too, which takes you back to the years before the First World War, where the old and the new still coexisted, you know, horses and tanks, guns and swords.

I remember this kind of fantasy from my childhood, a lot. I don't think it exists anymore, or at least, I'm not aware of it. Maybe because we take everything so seriously now, and try to explain and show every single detail?

It's a bit like looking back at how people believed the future would be like, 50 years ago. Half hilarious, half fascinating. That's called retrofuture / retrofuturism, I think.

Warhammer Fantasy was pretty unique. Hard to find a similar grimdark fantasy setting. W40K also has its unique stuff too. GW has always made awesome and unique universes, I can't stop wondering where they will take AoS, even if I haven't touched a miniature in years.

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