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Originally Posted by Ashendant View Post
can i talk about the sonic comic it has no mans in spandex but it still an american comic also i like it
If someone here reads it and you can talk with it. Ofcourse you can always recommend it but don't try to push it too far.

Originally Posted by Gurtogg_Bloodboil View Post
Ahahah! I'd love to see Cap brain Sarah Palin with his shield. Fantastic.

As for the additional, non-siloutte Secret Avengers members? Like I said, I foresee Deadpool on the team somehow. I’d like to see Ant-man make a transition from the Thunderbolts, he was always a fish out of water with all those villains.
Are there any awesome level Thunderbolts volumes outside Warren Ellis' 2 volumes? How about the Deadpool/Thunderbolts arc?

How did you like Batman & Robin #8 btw?
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