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Originally Posted by spidey1980 View Post
We'd be getting awfully close to regular temporal shenanigans there and, personally, I don't want to see an entire show sentered around time travel. STO is already annoying enough with all that Temporal Cold War stuff.
Remember how forgetting about basic 24th century technology was a regular thing to increase tension because actually using Transporters and Shuttlecraft would result in five minute episodes? Just because they have temporal tech doesn't mean the show needs to use it. In fact it doesn't even mean it has to be a Time Fleet ship. Or a ship at all. I would expect timetravel being heavily restricted in that time period, and mostly used to FIX the timeline instead of jumping around. The DTI has a nice saying in the books, paraphrased: "If you have to resort to time travel to fix a problem you've already fucked up.". Fruity language added by me.
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