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Originally Posted by Bolvar View Post
Does it matter what time they set it in? They're all going to time-travel to 20th century Earth anyway.
It does to me. Unless they canonize the comics (which would get messy real fast but would confirm the Prime Timeline's survival) there is a big chance we won't ever see new canonical Post-Temporal Incursion (or, for that matter, Nemesis-era) 24th century in my lifetime. I kinda have a problem with that.

Also, expect grizzled old veterans of TNG/DS9 to make guest appearances.
I just want Sisko to beat somebody up. We're seemingly solving every episode with fists and weapons now, might as well do it right.

They'll go full SJW retard.
Y'know, i do believe Bryan Fuller has good intentions but if Hannibal (which i love in Season 1 and 2; 3 got too artsy for my taste and i hated the timeskip) is any indication every damn character is going to turn bi at some point during the series.
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