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Originally Posted by miffy23 View Post
No. Just no. It looks absolutely horrible.
Well, as far as looks go i'm pretty miffed about Yorktown Station (did everyone just forget what Starfleet's starbases look like?) and even with the new pylons the JJ-Prise is never going to endear itself to me but at least it looks like a step up. (incidentally: are you basing this on the first trailer (the REALLY dumb one) or the new one?) Into Dorkness was already better than 11 but that's like saying stepping into poo is better than falling face-first into it.
My main beef with it (besides the inexcuseable sin of not correcting the timeline, which is going to continue to haunt my judgement of every further movie / show that doesn't do it) is that it looks like the Franklin's going to get more character development than the Hot Dog-Prise ever did. They REALLY failed to treat the ship like a character and as such nobody's going to give a hoot about it's demise. Now that they have new writers they might be rectifying it with the Franklin. (jury's still out if that's supposed to be a JJ-verse NX-Class; it's way too small for that but when has correct scaling ever stopped them from bad decisions?)

That or they're just ripping off The Search For Spock. JJ is still producing so he's got influence.
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