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Originally Posted by Commander Rotal View Post
The bigger problem would be a transsexual character.
We're already finding biological markers for transsexuality; brainwave patterns that fit the preferred gender, DNA irregularities, hormonal imbalances if i understand correctly... my optimistic guess is that we can probably scan for transgenderism in a couple decades. Add to that the awesome healthcare in that society, and what it can do; by the time of TOS you're likely given the choice of several alternatives, ranging from "curing" your brain to a genetic sex change instead of the clunky hormonal one we have to use, and from what we've seen of the Federation's medical science in regards to surgery changing your sex visually for a testrun is probably a busy afternoon for the ship's CMO at worst.
Sure. Today, in RL modern times, it can still take decades until you realize something's wrong with you, and potentially even longer until you know WHAT is wrong with you (and in the wrong country the only available treatment might kill ya from a heavy dose of stoning). But in Star Trek? With all those nifty non-issues, all that medical science, psychiatrists on the fucking bridge and available to absofuckinglutely everyone... how the hell's is transsexual going to enter Starfleet without being diagnosed and offered help before they even set foot into the academy? Transsexuality is a non-issue in Star Trek. You cannot tell a relatable story unless you break continuity and MAKE it an issue. I am HIGHLY fucking worried that they're going to put in a transgendered character just for the sake of having a transgendered character, and i DON'T fucking want that kind of representation, thank you very fucking much. Best case scenario: one character is trans, and it's never used as a plot point. Worst case scenario half the cast pulls a Hannibal and turns bisexual because it's the hip thing to do this summer.
One supposes a point could theoretically be explored of such "curing" perhaps being illegal in Starfleet as part of Earth's (and subsequently the Federation's) ban on genetic modification since the Eugenics Wars, and therefore unavailable to anyone who might desire it.

Bashir's backstory in DS9 and the mental issues of the other modified humans arguably delved into the idea that for all its leaps and bounds in tolerance, even 24th century humanity still isn't entirely above cordoning off and trying to ignore people with psychological difficulties that the Federation's own laws prohibit from being fixed.

It was one of the darker parts of DS9's take on the Federation's less savory side that humanity is apparently still so terrified of another Khan coming along that part of the punishment for violating the genetic modification ban basically extends even to children who were modified before birth or in infancy, and therefore never even had any choice in the mater.

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