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Originally Posted by ARM3481 View Post
One supposes a point could theoretically be explored of such "curing" perhaps being illegal in Starfleet as part of Earth's (and subsequently the Federation's) ban on genetic modification since the Eugenics Wars, and therefore unavailable to anyone who might desire it.

Bashir's backstory in DS9 and the mental issues of the other modified humans arguably delved into the idea that for all its leaps and bounds in tolerance, even 24th century humanity still isn't entirely above cordoning off and trying to ignore people with psychological difficulties that the Federation's own laws prohibit from being fixed.

Honestly it was one of the darker parts of DS9's darker take on the Federation's less savory side that humanity is apparently still so terrified of another Khan coming along that punishment for violating the genetic modification ban basically extends even to modified children who never even had any choice in the mater.
A couple things. Yes, the ban on genetic enhancement is a bit of a continuity-oopsie and, in my book at least, one of the few times where DS9's darker themes just didn't work for me. It's simply too far removed from previous established canon. In the Federation's defence, however, it has to be said that they don't ban genetic healing. The problem wasn't that they chose to augment Julian but that they turned him into a super-human and then kept it a secret. Julian himself also only faced consequences because he willingly and knowingly lied about it when entering the Academy, and it was only his father who got punished (relatively lightly too, if i remember correctly, but it's admittedly been a while). So while i really don't like the way the Federation treats it, that particular episode is often times misrepresented.

Personally i really have enough of darkness. We've had dark Enterprise, we had dark Nemesis, we had dark 11 and we had dark Into Darkness. Can we just fucking please get a regular Star Trek show on the air please, without the damn edgelord-drama going on?
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