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Alright, let's talk about this.

Sorry, it DOES feature a Night Elf, and it does involve Teldrassil. I've got to talk about it. Although I will restrict my commentary to the parts involving Night Elves.

The first thing I'm going to mention is that the ambient noise before the dialogue begins is panicked screaming - as if from victims - as opposed to fighting, as I would expect from combatants. Buckle up because this is a theme - not that this is terribly hard to work out.

As we know, the piece is largely a conversation between Sylvanas Windrunner and Delaryn Summermoon, and Delaryn's demeanor during the encounter is something of a metaphor for how the Night Elves are portrayed in general during the War of the Thorns. What makes me say that? Well, there is a glaring inconsistency in the piece that has nothing to do with Sylvanas's characterization, the super-long range catapults, Teldrassil catching fire so easily, or Saurfang's failure to react to what Sylvanas is doing.

Did you catch it?

Delaryn isn't dead yet, but knows she is going to be. Yet she is able to move in some respect, and Sylvanas is so close to her that she could, and I would argue should try to make an attack. Yet she doesn't. I have no doubt this attack would have failed, but that's not the point. Delaryn gives up because it would be inconvenient for her to act like a Night Elf. The point of the piece is for her to act like a victim, playing the same role as the rest of her race. She plays the victim because Night Elves don't matter outside of that, at least as far as this content is concerned. The story is not interested with giving Night Elf players a reason to play, it is merely interested with giving Human players their motivation.

I don't feel more needs to be said.

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