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Originally Posted by Reinhardt View Post
Is it possible to have the spec of the current hosting ?
Is a move to xenforo (vbulletin is dead, the devs moved to xenforo) possible ?
When did that happen?
Originally Posted by Ruinshin View Post
I'd like more than that.

People to make games out of ideas inspired from here, art hosting, video ideas for the youtubers. I just haven't had the time, but something I was seriously considering trying to work with Dunmerbro was a Destron's audio log, I.E. have him or one of the people on SoL who have voice talent (and we've got a thread showing that we have some of those) read the logs and post on youtube with various types of backgrounds and such.

I mean, just something as an example. But shit blew up both in RL and on the forums and I never got to move past my own internal planning to even pitch the idea.

Not like I have any say on SoL, but I've wanted it to move towards a more community creation driven site for a while. Not just as the premier WoW loresite, but for the best and brightest in the community creation department as well.

That provides a natural jump off point for our own creations and a platform for them.

Hell, I think a weekly youtube video or some shit of a WoW based RPG game would draw a lot of people if we use those stripped down RPG servers that just cut out all the combat and stuff so the DM can spawn stuff and shit
I've actually considered a very scaled down version of this before. Audiodramas as well (inspired by a local DC radio show on Sundays that plays the old ones). But yeah, both scaled down and scaled up is a possibility (with a few caveats as always).

Originally Posted by Gurzog View Post
Please keep the discord so i can visit this site less.

I would let you permabann me from the forum if you keep the discord.

Because the discord is so much more fun.
The discord feels "better" because you can get noticed more easily and can work with topics a bit more readily (due to its active, shallow nature). In a forum you can skip by posts you aren't interested in and keep a more single-minded focus.

Basically, different dynamics and thus different means of recognition/reward. If you just want to rant with people, Discord is your thing. If you want to build something, especially something complex that requires dissection, repetition, and iteration, forums are necessary.

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