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Originally Posted by MyMindWontQuiet View Post
I don't think SoL should be a subreddit either, I'm just curious about these statements above.
Don't have time to go into specifics, but they have very standard clauses on ownership of user information, same as facebook. These things are selectively enforced and mostly used to allow them to avoid legal issues (either in use of or avoiding use of materials), but they have the technical potential to basically own a specific product posted there.

In the case of Writing Prompts, if Reddit ever wanted to spin up a studio, they could technically do that with those stories without having to pay the authors' out for IP. They wouldn't be able to stop the original creator from doing a version of that IP, but neither would the creator be able to stop them.

The above issue is not an "if" but "when" in the lifetime of a corporation. At some point, they go from "do no evil" to "do less evil." This is why it's always incumbent on creative media groups to make sure a ToS explicitly notes the line drawn on whether and how products are used in expansion and monetization of IPs.

As to how I know this, I used to help run a (very shitty and quickly defunct) smart phone app company. The lawyers my university supplied back then gave us the whole run-down about what we should and shouldn't put up on social media in terms of advertising ourselves pre-copyright. So, it's just hold-over "if you see this, this is what it actually means."

Pseudo-legal statement for those who care:
Because SoL isn't creative media yet, we never had the need to state it, but I'll just make it explicit now. The lack of a ToS here is a direct statement that we do not automatically own or approve (via implication or contract) any of the materials users post.* Therefore, any IP information created here is considered the user's in both part and whole. However, because we do not have any ownership (co or otherwise) we also have no way to stop other groups from taking said materials and utilizing them in their own IP. Therefore, if a user wants to expand/monetize their IP in the future and it's been used elsewhere, we also have no legal obligation or recourse to assist them aside from proving original timing for creation of given property (and only if we have the database backed up/available to encompass that time period).

* This is implicit legal protection for us in case a user decides to claim us as a hosting medium for materials in violation of copyright or criminal statutes. If said materials are placed on the site, and Staff isn't made aware of such violations, we are thus much less likely to be liable for the temporary location of those materials on our domain/in our database.

Further, Staff's individual projects are considered separate entities from the website unless formally approved by Warlock himself. Even "Official SoL Projects" to date are user generated materials and thus are not assumed to be under SoL's ownership.

If the ToS for SoL is ever changed to encompass ownership, in part or whole, of user property, we will prominently display this for old, new, and returning users.

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