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Originally Posted by Ethenil View Post
I'm curious - what on SoL could ever get into any legal complication? Stuff like Solthris or Marthen's work? I don't see how this would ever be a problem.
Links to illegal use of copyrighted material (e.g. someone selling off-brand blizz merch), creation of material that's potentially illegal (e.g. "plans" that are eerily close to conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor/felony like Doxxing) or explicitly illegal (e.g. pornographic material involving children), material that's considered under defamation/libel, and just generally any item that could be construed as being legally problematic (e.g. propaganda associated with controversial movements anywhere from Antifa to the KKK to MS13 to ISIS).

It also gives us very rudimentary (aka imperfect, but existent) legal cover for times when we aren't immediately able to catch explicitly illegal materials and ban/remove the offending party. There's been some very fucked up material bots tried to spam on the forum before (fortunately caught in filters), and certain controversial users have required extensive review of their post history before their continued existence on the forum was considered a possibility, much less allowed. In cases like that, I've contacted said users directly and laid out special rules of conduct if they wanted to remain on the site.

Actually, that reminds me, we do need to update the ToS to make that more explicit. I'd rather have it baked in that Staff have to be informed about user's legal statuses/personal potential legal problems than that their status comes as a surprise down the road.

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