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As much as I like the idea of Ner'zhul as the Lich King, combining his knowledge, Shadowmoon traditions and magiks, and the power he gathers while traversing the Lower Planes to create his ultimate necromantic army, I see no reason why he has to be personally present on Greater Azeroth, and really he should not. There's no reason why he should once you remove the Burning Legion metaplot, there was no indication he had any interest to ever going to Azeroth, and the Lich King works much better as an enigmatic figure from beyond cosmos that simply touches the minds of certain humans and orcs on the said planet. In such a scenario, the Frozen Throne can easily work as a gateway allowing his consciousness much more direct influence, not a prison, and liches, dreadlords, cold wraits can be just his heralds from beyond.

As for the Alliance Expedition, in their case, I can easily see them attempting to find their way back home, so their potential return is not an issue, so long as there's a long way before that.
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