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Originally Posted by Marthen View Post
It's really both. Inconsistency and shoddy characterization is a separate issue, but their MMO format still dictates and limits where the story will and could go by the endless need for new raids, dungeons, bosses, continents, and so on.

Now, that does not mean these issues are inherent to any MMORPG format, but to the one World of Warcraft and most other mainstream MMORPGs are running on, they are.
The worst thing, IMHO, is the need to prop up Alliance and Horde specifically as major political factions in every single plot. Them being humongous powerhouses that never run out of resources is very much inconsistent with the world presented in WC1-3, where whole realms could get destroyed, to the point that the capital of Azeroth was referred to as "New Stormwind" after a relatively small period of time in the humans' absence on the continent.
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