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Default Theory: Sira and Delaryn were victims of the powers of Domination

Sira Moonwarden says that she willingly joined the forsaken.

But, when you finish the Night Warrior questline as Horde, you receive Brynja's Beacon.

    "...dominate the wills of the risen..."

At that point Sylvanas was already in league with the Jailer.

Red Shirt Guy noticed in the same patch that there were some strange, completely new sea-green effects on the Val'kyr spells

Person1 — 12/18/2018

@The Red Shirt Guy The new val'kyr resurrection spell uses the same seagreen FX, and the tainted Sunwell in the blood elf heritage scenario

The Red Shirt Guy — 12/18/2018

@Person1 I think so, it was a much smaller though and over quicker, so hard to be 100% sure.

I wonder why they've added this new sea green effect instead of sticking with the black and blue death magic we've had for Argus, the Drustvar witches and Bwonsamdi.
The theory is:

1. Sylvanas in 8.1 is in league with the Jailer
2. She already has some powers gifted by him
3. The powers of Domination are actively used by her on the Kaldorei
4. Therefore, their minds were affected. If Sira says she "willingly" joined the forsaken, then her word isn't 100% reliable.

Their minds have been affected. They have been the victims of Domination power.
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