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Originally Posted by PajamaSalad View Post

I made it in like two days so don't be too judgmental!

You will obviously need Java installed.
Man, I moonwalked the shit out of this game.

The color scheme implies to me that this is a fan sequel to Battlezone, which really scores nostalgia points.

The classic "locked in a series of rooms" premise is augmented by the healing/combat system and the clever supporting cast.

Questionmark is clearly the best character, though so far I do not trust their motives.

The undead hamster robot boss was a good climax for the act.

The mysteries of the protagonist's situation make me eager for more. The protagonist's situation is really contextualized by the setting.
^Ignored again.

Okay. It is cool.

Originally Posted by Sonneillon View Post
It'd be nice if they actually finally gave us things they cut or under utilized 10 years ago.
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