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Seriously though. I'm not seeing how you can expect this arc to satisfy Night Elf players like yourself.
Expectations are different from predictions. If I say "this is what I expect from you", I think the context of that statement makes it clear that I'm laying down a standard. That's not a comment on whether they will meet that standard, what I'm merely trying to do here is establish where my goalposts are so that it's not a surprise when I either board the hype train or melt down into a heap of pessimism and obscenities.

Setting expectations and a rubric in advance also helps to ground criticism. Otherwise it's too easy to hold up one or two elements in isolation, ignore the rest, and unfairly rate the entire body of work according to that one element.

I am not sure where you are getting the missions happen before the burning of Teldrassil, for several reasons;

1) Going by previous expansions, missions are unlocked through leveling, ie after the initial experience the burning is part of.

2) All those missions are listed as level 120. The burning happens at the level 110.

3) One of the missions specifically mentions the Teldrassil survivors. How could they be survivors with Teldrassil still intact? Another mission also expresses the importance of the Zoram'gar Docks in attacking Azuremyst. Why would it stress Azuremyst with Teldrassil still intact?
Going by the text of the Teldrassil evacuation mission, I'll highlight what made me believe this happens before Teldrassil:

A Horde army marches north to Lor'danel; Blood Guard Rockrain at the fore. Send our forces to stall his aggression, so the evacuation of Teldrassil can continue.
That suggests to me that Teldrassil is actively being evacuated. The Horde army marching North also suggests to me that we're talking about whatever force Sylvanas is sending up there. That can only happen before the burning.

That said, your points make sense. Time and future content will clarify, I'm sure.
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