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The US first amendment says the government can't pass a law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise of religion. To me that means the government shouldn't force you to be a certain religion or force you to partake in things that violate your conscience. The state can't demand you pray at a certain time or wear a burka. The state also shouldn't make you violate your religious beliefs without a compelling reason. Some people seem intent to use the state to marginalize and crush religion(at least certain religions) in general because they think religious people are stupid and dangerous. What they speak out loud gives away their intentions. Donald Trump's Muslim ban shouldn't survive constitutional scrutiny and neither would a lot of the laws you see in the middle east.

Religion should be treated like any other idea. People should be able to peacefully evangelize and it shouldn't be a social taboo. Ideas should be debated and people should attempt to persuade each other about a religious position just like they can any other idea. You should be able to pray in public and people should have to tolerate it. They don't get to be in a safe space and become overly sensitive to religious ideas. The state doesn't exist to protect you from hearing a religious sentiment or to try to squash it out. There is a reason why religion shares the same amendment as freedom of expression and freedom of the press.
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