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Originally Posted by BaronGrackle View Post
I... didn't realize Mormons believed Adam and Eve sailed to North America and settled in Missouri.

. . .

Menel, why do you guys think the Hebrew scriptures were silent on this, and that there were no other writings to commit these activities to historic memory, so that every trace and evidence was lost until Smith received his revelation?
Actually, no sailing to America for Adam and Eve. Where ever Eden was, they walked to Missouri from there. That said, we do believe everyone else and their dog did sail to America: the Jaredites, the Nephites/Lamanites, and the Mulekites.

If you think about it, we probably place all Pre-Noah Biblical History here, which does raise issues (such as all those Rivers and places named in Genesis).

Lack of Biblical/Historical record is nothing new to us. Unlike the Bible, there's no correlating the Book of Mormon to historical sites other than I suppose Cumorah. We can't visit the ruins of Zarahemla, whereas Jerusalem still stands. We don't know what river was the Waters of Sebus, unlike the River Jordan.

We do seem to put a lot more emphasis on North America than any other Abrahamic Religion. We believe America to be a Holy Land with a Blessing and Curse attached to it. We believe that amazing things will happen here before the end. We put history here that no one else does. Do I find this somewhat disconcerting? Actually, yeah. But, my testimony of the Gospel isn't rooted in Geography. It's based on a relationship that I've built with my God. I trust it will all be straightened out in the end.

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