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Originally Posted by PajamaSalad View Post
Not everything can be automated and I have a better grasp on that that you do. There is a lot of technical work that can't be automated. There is a lot of social work that can't be automated. Automation has always existed and has never wiped out all the jobs. People find something else to do. It is a boogeyman.
What makes you think that? I am learning to be an electrical engineer as well and I spend a great deal of my time following science and technology. I know for a fact that a lot more will be automated and a lot faster than most anyone realizes. There is nothing magical about the human brain, in 20-40 years all jobs will liable to be automated, from streetsweeper to neurosurgeon to robot technician to artist. And long before that most jobs would have gone into history books, in 10-15 years transportation jobs will be gone and that alone will be something like a quarter or all jobs and other things are being automated as we speak as well.
And in the past when things like these happened there were new jobs to be filled. Maybe a pony express guy lost his job to a train but someone had to lay down the tracks, work in the train, make the train... new jobs oppened up. The robot and information revolutions are different because robots can make robots, robots will be able to do anything and one programmer can program a million robots or make an app to serve millions. Those industries will simply not cover the job losses they induce.

This in theory is great, less work and more free time for all... if only society worked like that. Many people a lot more eminent than either you or I are troubled by this and with very good reason.

Originally Posted by PajamaSalad View Post
You have to work for a negative income tax to work and it wouldn't apply to everyone.
I see. And I take it you would cut welfare that currently exists to implement this effectively doubly screwing over the unemployed who as I've just explained will have a way harder time finding a job in the near future (and indeed right now).

Originally Posted by PajamaSalad View Post
Don't care about Austrian school or what ever dogma you decided to ascribe to be. It wasn't just Reagan. It was JFK as well. All they did is move away from the politics of envy and took a more pragmatic solution. It is you that would rather everyone be poor as long as you can tear down someone else. Not everyone is unhappy. Neither Obama or Clinton could go back to the way we used to be without getting a massive backlash. People know better and don't hate the rich as much as some would like. It isn't just the millionaires that support this. There are plenty of middle class people as well. There are even many poor people that support this. Even a lot of Democrats had to adapt to the new political reality.
Yeah no point talking if you are gonna be like that. All you are saying is that the rich can use their money to fill the head of the population with BS, fund astroturf movements and so on, big surprise there. Democrats are just as guilty as the Republicans of selling out to big money so again no surprise there. Why are so many people crying out to get rid of money from US politics? Because otherwise the guys with the most $$$ get to decide on where the country goes which research agrees with.
I really don't have the energy or the time to try and convince you of this. In a couple of years the truth of what I am saying will become painfully obvious to you and then it is only a question of will you do something about it.
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