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It's tough to say why the Horde has reasons for war until Before the Storm comes out.
For one the burning of Teldrassil reeks of false flag operation, I don't see the alliance driving the Horde to go that far without some sort of reason, if not for moral reasons, for strategic ones, Garrosh was humiliated trying to take Ashenvale, proving it is no easy target, outside of lumber that theatre seems like it would be too much of an effort when her goal is Stormwind (which should be easier to run a Eastern Kingdoms Campaign from her own seat of power in Lordaeron). if not behind the scenes fuckery, then the night elves must have some sort of superweapon or azurite stockpile. The fact that something leads the horde is there must be what leaves Lorderon vulnerable later on.

Post Burning i would love to see the Alliance be the (completely justified) aggressors from there on out. The loss of a capital would be enough to bring Anduin on the side of Greymane and Proudmore, and those two are itching to attack the horde. They march to and take the Undercity, and now the Horde is committed too.
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