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Originally Posted by Nazja View Post
For all those who wish to talk about mommy Lilith!
Here's the gameplay trailer:

Meh. D3 looked better, in my opinion. The "it isn't dark enough" crowd was full of bullshit anyway. D4 is just the way they wanted, and look, it's a pile of generic garbage with no personality whatsoever. But well, too soon to tell.

Still, I consider Diablo a dead franchise, much like Star Wars. It's never going to go back to where it was, and I don't think this is going to be huge enough to achieve that. Lilith isn't as good as Diablo, period. Hell, that leak/theory that said D3's second expansion dealt with a reborn Diablo aka "Hydra" combining all the big demons into one was pretty good, no idea why they didn't take that route for this one. Even a Heaven vs Hell scenario using Sanctuary as the battlefield would have been a better approach. Even a "distant past" scenario would have been better.

I sense a few things ripped out straight from PoE, and not the good ones for that matter. Waiting for a longer gameplay, but the first impression ain't leaving a good taste.

So yeah, far from enough to make me even consider spending time researching the new stuff. D3 hurt the brand, even the whole genre, and this isn't enough to heal it either.

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