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Additions to Kerrah's timeline in blue

Originally Posted by Kerrah View Post
-Titans arrive to Azeroth and order it.
-The Old Gods arrive/appear, corrupting stuff.
-Titans come back and lock the Old Gods away.
-Gurubashi/Amani vs Azj'Aqir
-Kaldorei appear and build an empire.
-The Highborn get exiled and the druids go to sleep.
-Quel'Thalas is founded.
-Strom is founded, the Troll Wars.
-The other human nations and Ironforge are founded.
-The Council of Tirisfal is founded.
-War of the Shifting Sands
-The Great War of Lordaeron.
-The War of the Three Hammers.
-WC1/The Last Guardian/Rise of the Horde.
-WC2/Tides of Darkness.
-WC2x/Beyond the Dark Portal.
-Day of the Dragon.
-Lord of the Clans.
-Of Blood and Honor
-WC3. The Arthas book (which continues on from here).
-Sunwell Trilogy
-Circle of Hatred (or whatever that crap was called).
-WoW begins.
-And so forth.

Originally Posted by ARM3481 View Post
Thank goodness Golden handled Rise of the Horde, or it might have started with the tale of the Eredar leaders Archie and Jay being seduced by the power of the Dark Titan Gary while their close friend Lenny fled Argus to escape the corruption.

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