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Originally Posted by Kerrah View Post
Azeroth's timeline (no Legion/Titan/Draenei/Orc stuff included):

-Titans arrive to Azeroth and order it.
-The Old Gods arrive/appear, corrupting stuff.
-Titans come back and lock the Old Gods away.
-Night Elves appear and build an empire.
-The Highborn get exiled and the druids go to sleep.
-Quel'Thalas is founded.
-Strom is founded, the Troll Wars.
-The other human nations and Ironforge are founded.
-The Council of Tirisfal is founded.
-The Great War of Lordaeron.
-The War of the Three Hammers.
-WC1/The Last Guardian.
-WC2/Tides of Darkness.
-WC2x/Beyond the Dark Portal.
-Day of the Dragon.
-Lord of the Clans.
-WC3. The Arthas book (which continues on from here).
-Circle of Hatred (or whatever that crap was called).
-WoW begins.
-And so forth.
Where does Hakkar and co. come into this? I'd imagine it would be not long after the Sundering, possibly around the time of the troll wars?
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Plus, this is the internet, a festering stew of self-important negativity that spews derision and contempt at every possible opportunity.
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