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Originally Posted by Marthen View Post
The thing those of you who do not want to see Kul Tirans as an allied race (and luckily for us who want them, are in minority it seems) do not get is that they are not just a visual option, they come with whole Kul Tiran culture tacked on. That's the major part of their appeal, not just their different physique. Kul Tiras is not the same culture as regular Stormwind, not only is Kul Tiras rather distinct from it, it is even rather distinct within the whole landscape of playable races.
Not only that, instead of just being "generic kul tirans", the playable ones will be from that "monster hunter" background cited in interviews. So, more than just the culture, playable kul tirans, following the trend of new Alliance races, are most likely some kind of elite force specialized in fighting large sea threats.

I don't mind the male kul tirans, but the female ones need work. The males look like brawlers, strong and sturdy; the females just look fat and unused to action. I hope the playable ones get stronger bodies. It wouldn't be bad if they were somewhat more like female vrykuls.
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