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No, no more of this bringing Alliance heroes back to serve as Horde flunkies bullshit. If anything they should develop more Forsaken characters to serve as that foil. Instead of taking everything from the Alliance and giving it to the Horde for literally no fucking reason at all.

It's demeaning, demoralizing and downright fucking stupid.

Why does Blizzard and some of you people here get off on wanting Alliance content to be switched to Horde for literally no reason at all? It's almost like you just want "Alliance tears" as your motive rather then a good story, which Blizzard is failing to write in BFA.

There is no "fine people on many sides". Uther, Terenas, they are not BOTH SIDES. They are fucking DEAD. DECEASED BEFORE THE EVENTS OF WOW. Blizzard should write new characters to act as foils for Sylvanas if that is what the playerbase wants.
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Fuck your dumb gamergate shit I'd rather be pegged by Sylvanas than read it.
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Just remember, the Alliance is only ever allowed to passively defend itself against the Horde, and Taurajo was Azeroth's equivalent of the Holocaust.
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