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Predictions for Battle for Azeroth's expansion-life:

More Warfronts open up. Barrens and Feralas for Kalimdor. Feralas will award Night Elf themed armor for Alliance, and Mok'nathal-Draenor Orc like for Horde.

Barrens, I would expect armor theme for Alliance will be Dwarven and Kor'kron for Horde.

Another Warfront opening in Eastern Plaguelands. Horde gear being a mix of Amani and Blood Elven. Alliance; Arathor themed maybe.

There will be one Warfront in Pandaria, one in Northrend (Borean Tundra) and one on the Broken Isles.

Allied Races? High Elves (Not as an allied race of their own, but customization options given to Void Elves) Anywho ~


Wildhammer Dwarves

Jinyu (To correlate with the Pandaria Warfront)

Kaldorei Worgen (Will have some ties with the Feralas warfront story)

Mechagnomes/Junker Gnomes (Will tie in with Northrend Warfront story)

Furbolg (Will tie in the Alliance Kalimdor War Campaign)


Mok'nathal (Rexxar will recruit these, will play a role in Feralas and Barrens)

Yaungol (Will have a role with the Huojin and Pandaria)

San'layn/Forsaken Elves (Undead Elves. Will play a role in the Horde Northrend story)

Forest Trolls (The Amani make amends with the Horde as the Alliance approaches Quel'thalas +Revantusk are a thing)

Vulpera (Due to Zandalar storyline)

Much of the war campaign will return back to Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms and later on, Pandaria and Northrend. Broken Isles will have a place in the War Campaign as well, that will help set up the Vrykul as a future race for the Alliance.

The end raid will be a faction war raid, with faction specific bosses.

The Faction War doesn't end after BfA, but dies down with no clear victors. The Horde will lose much of their progress upon Kalimdor as the Kaldorei and Furbolg take back much of their lands.

The Horde in turn take over much of Northrend, as they lose dominance over Kalimdor.

Much of the Eastern Kingdoms will be Alliance dominated with the Blood Elves and Forest Trolls remaining as a thorn in the Alliance's side.

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