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Originally Posted by Noitora View Post
MU orcs who avoided years of war, but barely have a culture left vs. au orcs who have spent years fighting against the legion, with culture across many clans and industrialization.

Also au orcs are easier to remember.
"Barely have a culture left"? Just because they were not deeply developed before does not mean they have no culture left. If anything, MU Mag'har have all the qualities AU ones have: multi-clan structure, can use basically any reckognizable visuals from MU orcs, preserved traditions not tainted by corruption and years living isolated in another word, but have way more reasons to move on to Azeroth (and in greater numbers than just a token force to pay a debt).

I originally thought Blizzard chose the AU!Mag'har because they could justify a larger population there, but now that they have been shown to be just a small force, that the main group will stay in their own war, and that the portal is going to be closed off, then I see no reason to use AU over MU.

As for "easier to remember", that's not a reason at all. Most of the allied races are new things. Using an old aspect of the setting and developing it would be way better than what we got, IMO.
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