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Originally Posted by Deicide View Post
This also completely debunks the void elves as a "dark race" that some people were expecting. Umbric is pretty much what you'd expect from a high elf, except that he uses the void. I'm still not sold on void elves, thought. They lack their own personality and feel like a cheap compromise.
Hm, I'm not sure how you can do a quest where you send Goblins to suffocate in an endless abyss and not see that as quite dark. Umbric is very polite and quick to apologize to the rest of the Alliance members, but otherwise we get up to some pretty ruthless stuff against the Horde that really shows what Void Elves are capable of.

While I do think Void Elves skirt closer to High Elves in personality, I do still think this campaign has made them unique from the other elves. Their methods and tactics are uniquely their own, and their powerset makes them a darker High Elf that's still markedly distinguishable from Blood Elves.

Originally Posted by Deicide View Post
Er, you know it's an objective fact that the void elf part ends with them failing their mission, right? That's not a matter of opinion, and that's what I meant about no defeats except for the Galliwyx part.

I like Keeshan. Sure, a gimmicky character, but those types can easily graduate to serious character, and that seems to be the case with him.
I'd say it's the good kind of failure where we don't succeed at something but still come away learning something new or cool. In this case, we did not stop Gallywix but we did learn about Void Elf tactics and still sabotaged one of his most important areas.

And yeah, Keeshan was handled really well in this campaign, did not feel like a complete joke character at all. Overall this was an impressive campaign that took me by surprise with how good it was.
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