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Originally Posted by Bolvar View Post
... it's World of MetzenCraft based in AU Azeroth. Shortly after some ornery Orc faction from AU Draenor decides to invade (pick one... or two... I don't care which).

I'm not even sure ANY Dwarves would be Paladins in this universe, TBH. But we're assuming the Ironforge ones are the ones that would get that class, and they wouldn't be friendly with the Dark Irons at this point.

But, whatever. I'm not going to argue lore with the Jedi Master here... I was just throwing out an example of how characters who transferred would have to fit the target faction in the reboot. None of this is at all likely to happen.

(Except the part where Metzen goes on TRT and starts plowing 25yo Instagram hotties - that should totally happen)
Ah, I misunderstood where you wanted AU Azeroth to go. I figured if people were able to transfer their character then it would have to be set in the present and nearly identical to past lore to accommodate stuff like draenei, Forsaken, worgen, all the allied races, etc.
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