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Originally Posted by AndyJP View Post
Porimlys dislikes something?
My defense of WoW is certainly not testament to a need for me to defend everything in the world. There are good things and there are bad things

Anyway, below is a copy pasta of something I posted on my tumblr the other day regarding Moffats Doctor Who.

I judge Stephen Moffat’s writing abilities on the contents of the show that he is in charge of writing. And I find that his plots and characters fall short consistently. They become so contrived and convoluted that it is no wonder there are so many plot holes. His character development is weak and uninspired, and in that same vein he’s not terribly adept at making the driving relationships of the show believable. The guy has some cool concepts and rad ideas, that’s how he proved to people he was worth paying attention to in the first place, but now that he is in charge of the entire show he needs to learn that he can’t use those to drive the story forward.

The last episode came across (to me) as him sitting at his writing table thinking “Man, skulls that eat people would be cool. Oh! So would a giant chess match! And area 52 being in the pyramids! And all time will happen at once, and the girl who waited fhougfhough” so he shoves them all into the same episode without too much regard for the actual story that episode was supposed to tell. The characters just do stuff and we’re supposed to believe it because that’s what happened on the screen, but the whole time I watched the episode where Amy is trapped and becomes some mega warrior I was just thinking “Amy has never proven herself capable of this, she’s pretty much just stood around being dependent on everyone around her. All she does to the Doctor is make him somber and mopey without ever really doing a good job of establishing their relationship. The Doctor is important to her because she says so three times an episode, and Amy is important to him because… he keeps saving her?

He has this strange need to force things on his show, the greatest example for me is the “girl who waited” garbage. It comes across as a silly attempt to apply memes to his writing before anyone knows if they should actually give a shit. I’ve never heard it and been inspired to think more of Amy, nor have I ever thought that it was something that added to her character, so why is it a motif that keeps reoccuring? To be crass, whenever I hear someone say “The girl who waited” on the show I get an image of Moffat masturbating over his own writing. The guy has his talents, but they are wasted without interesting characters, believable relationships or cohesive and grounded plot lines.

I’ll keep watching Doctor Who, because I do still like it, but there are a lot of really glaring issues with the writing that got excessively worse in this past season.

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