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Tharbek peered through his spyglass. He spotted the distant figures gathered on the far island, smoke rising from its crags. The Stormreaver and Twilight's Hammer had already unloaded their warriors and were standing at the gates to some unusual structure. Tharbek bit his lip. As Doomhammer's second-in-command, he was used to gathering information and presenting it to the warchief. Making critical decisions himself? That was slightly out of his comfort zone.

If he ordered his warriors to row double-time, they might catch Gul'dan by surprise. He shook his head at the thought. They didn't know anything about this place. Maybe Gul'dan had gotten here hours ago and was lying in ambush. Maybe the sea came upon shallow ground or jagged rocks at unexpected places. Maybe there were goblin mines littered under the tides. Tharbek didn't know. He was blind.

"Gul'dan isn't going anywhere," he shouted to the ship crews. "We proceed slow and steady, gather what information we can, and then close the noose. Make for that small isle nearby--we'll land and set up a base camp."

His orcs obeyed, setting course for the nearest land. Soon enough they would have a solid base, and he would advance against Gul'dan's forces on his own terms.

Just that moment the sea began to chop at a different rhythm. The transport galleys lifted and fell more harshly than before. Clouds crackled with thunder, and Tharbek felt a few drops of rain trickle on his head. It was at that moment he noticed the sky had darkened completely.
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