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Originally Posted by CosmicGuitars View Post
The only people supporting it are using shitty anecdotal evidence to support why Need Before Greed is a better system. A select few people from WoWInsider are claiming they never got any loot from personal loot, and they've finally been getting loot again with Need Before Greed, as if their shitty RNG was somehow caused by the loot system. It's kind of infuriating to listen to because they don't seem to realize that the personal loot system makes them mathematically more likely to get a piece of loot from a boss than Need Before Greed. It's just insanity.
Yep. The worst part is they kept the massive boss loot table so you have a 1/54 shot (average) of getting what you want to even drop. You then have to contend with, lets say, 2 people rolling against you for it. The math places you less likely to get an item then you are to get a rare mount.

Also whoever thought to bring back MC as an LFR today and keep every single mechanic is a psychopath.