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Phase Five: Aftermath

  • Push Quel'Thalas into the WoW era.
  • Push the protagonists into their final destinations.

Though initially uncomfortable about including Erinana in their ranks, the refugees warm up to her once her knowledge of the secret paths and hiding places used by the ranrim proves invaluable for evading the Scourge. Fienra is dismayed by her cousin's newfound desire to make others beg as she was once made to do, but says nothing.

Drendron and other Farstriders return to Quel'Thalas, but they are far too late. They attempt to locate and protect as many survivors as they can. Strangely, the Scourge pushed through to the Sunwell, then immediately turned south again. Only stragglers remain, which are easily dispatched in small numbers. A strange sickness spreads through the survivors, and a priest whispers something to another about the afflicted being infused with necromantic energy.

Morale gets a boost as word spreads that Prince Kael'thas has arrived from Dalaran. The prince orders everyone who is able to assemble at the ruins of Slivermoon, which he has secured. Around this time, the death sickness suddenly stops. All three protagonists converge and meet.

Kael gives a spellbinding speech. In it, he explains the death sickness as the Sunwell being corrupted. He has ended this threat by destroying it. Instead, he says, it must be the people who are the center of society. Sin'dorei, he calls them, for it is blood that ties them all together, regardless of House rank. No longer can they afford for there to be any divisions among them. All must work with one purpose until the glory of Quel'Thalas is restored.

Furthermore, he is assembling a cadre of the Elves' strongest remaining fighters to march south and exact vengeance on the Scourge. The Sunfury he calls them, in honor of a Direct Retainer House that was once charged as the king's personal bodyguard -- and literally fought to the last.

He concludes by gallantly declining to be crowned king, saying there should be no king until their nation is rebuilt. Instead, Lor'themar Theron, once chief lieutenant of the fallen Ranger General shall rule as regent lord until his return.

Erinana laps it up. Drendron questions the wisdom of a revenge attack against a superior enemy, but keeps his reservations to himself. For the moment, the priority is on clearing the rubble and cleaning up the bodies. This makes a good excuse to discuss burial customs. In the time before, every family had a House Crypt, which was continually expanded as time went on. Now, there are so many dead that this is impossible. Crews are forced to burn the bodies, often without identifying them. There are many more missing than confirmed dead.

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