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Originally Posted by Triumvirate View Post
You word so good, man. Keep continuing the wording.
I had fun with Kael's talking points, there. What leader wouldn't strike a nationalist tone when trying to rally people after a disaster? Yet, even as everything he says sounds perfectly reasonable, it is layered with foreboding of what happens later.

Phase Five, Part II

Word comes that Dalaran has also fallen to the Scourge. The Sunfury march forth with great fanfare. The three protagonists do what they can to help rebuild, Erinana through her magic, Fienra through her healing, and Drendron through scouting and foraging. Reconstruction of the city has to be delayed until reliable food production can be established.

Erinana becomes an enthusiastic proponent of the new, egalitarian ethos. She pushes too far, however, when she says the Scourging was "the best thing that ever happened to Quel'Thalas," because it changed people's attitudes. This prompts a shouting match with Drendron, who eventually storms off into the wilds. Caught in the middle, Fienra tries to smooth things over.

As time passes, the reconstruction is increasingly hobbled by a strange lethargy falling over the survivors. It is accompanied by an indescribable thirst for...something. Erinana is hit hard, but discovers casting spells makes her feel better for a few hours. Drendron hardly seems to notice, and at first denies there is even a problem at all. The relationship continues to degenerate.

Word comes that the Prince has joined with Human resistance fighters in Lordaeron. He is aware of the listless apathy overtaking the Sin'dorei, and assures everyone that his best and brightest are actively searching for a cure.

Originally Posted by C9H20 View Post
I'm liking this quite a bit, keep it up.

Also any news on when we can expect more of Nova?
Well, I've resolved my impasse on when to use my Brightwing gag. Putting up this summary is actually taking quite a bit longer than expected. Dispatches will resume when this is done, I promise that.
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