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Originally Posted by Kyalin V. Raintree View Post
I thought that was the sort of thing you would use a PTR for?
PTR and Beta have a tiny fraction of the player base. You a lot of the bugs there, but there's always undetected issues. Once you deploy your patch for hundreds of servers and millions of players, you start to find thousands of issues, which need to be sorted and solved by priority.

The very existance of prepatch is to get issues ahead of the expansion release. The prepatch events are there to give people something to do while waiting and to draw new and old players.

Even with it, there's no certainty that all critical issues will have been found and solved when expansion hits. Remember MoP and WoD bottleneck quests for Alliance, for instance.

That's just how things are in software development. Or any other engineering, even. The more people are using something, the more issues will be found. Software is just more complex because there's thousands of tools encoded, and each of them may present some problems.
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