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Default Medical Stuff

Thread for medical questions and such. Not that any of us are actually qualified to tell you anything.

I was wondering how many of you guys take/took any form ADD/ADHD medication at some point.

What was it?

What dose?

How'd it make you feel?

I ask because I started taking mine again after a couple of months because I'm trying to get back into the whole "school" thing. I dunno what it is, but it makes me feel... I suppose "proactive" is the word. I don't think of the list of shit I need to get done and think "meh." I think "I should go do that," and then get stuff done. It makes me feel useful and productive. Content to do a job well, and even somewhat eager to do more than I have to. Then after a few hours (five or six) the anxiety hits and I feel all jittery, and my stomach and brain demands food but my appetite is pretty much gone. It also makes me grind my teeth for some reason.

It's called "Vyvanse" here, although the name differs from country to country. 50mg capsule, which is a bit high but I developed a tolerance to it when I still took it regularly so the dosage had to go up.
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