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Originally Posted by Fojar View Post
At this point I'm more baffled that they chose Helcular in particular to do this. Why use the psychotic Cult of the Damned Kel'thuzad apprentice as the guy who totally embodies Forsaken connections to Lordaeron unless they want us to think that he's actively trying to manipulate people?

In light of Chronicles assigning Undead the qualities of "Mad and Cunning" I would earnestly like to believe that it's a zombie trying to manipulate people with sentimental appeals he doesn't actually care about but that wouldn't make any sense in the context in which he is making these statements.

I'm beyond butthurt (okay maybe not totally beyond it) at this point and am more confused than anything.
Having just read Helcular's story, and considering they seem to be remembering old character in this expansion, I wouldn't doubt they are actually going for something like that here.
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