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It's silly that they've put Med'an on a bus, dangling him around as though they have some possible future use of him. They should just outright say he's not canon if they're not going to do anything with him. He's a shitty character, literally no one would mind. And people would stop asking where he's at.

What's more likely going to happen is that Blizz is going to assume people asking about Med'an means they actually care or want the character around, instead of correctly interpreting it as people curious to hear more about the trainwreck everyone stopped talking about.

Also this is interesting:
We also talked about the broken leveling system. Though there were recently strides made in fixing the 1-20 experience, zones quests still go green very quickly and heirlooms make running dungeons preferable to outdoor zones anyway. Ion pointed to the new zone scaling functionality in Legion as a possible solution. Zone scaling adjusts the level, difficulty and rewards of the zone you’re in so you’re not locked in to the level the zone has been preset to. So essentially the zone levels with you and you won’t outlevel it. They are going to keep an eye on it in Legion to see if it works out as planned and if it does, apply it to low level zones to see if it works there as well.

If they do another world revamp and put that in place, then theoretically all of EK and Kalimdor could be as relevant to endgame players as any zone supposedly is in Broken Isles. That'd be huge.

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